Our company

We are a global, science-led, patient-focused pharmaceutical company. We are dedicated to transforming the future of healthcare by unlocking the power of what science can do for people, society and the planet.

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Our strategy

We are focused on creating genuinely innovative medicines and improving access to them. In this way, we deliver the greatest benefit to patients, healthcare systems and societies globally.

We have three priorities designed to deliver our growth through innovation strategy.

Science and Innovation

  • Creating the next generation of therapeutics using an array of drug modalities, for example, advanced biologics, nucleotide-based and cell therapies. 
  • Leading in convergence of science, data and technology. 
  • Advancing our pipeline.

Growth and Therapy
Area Leadership

  • Leveraging our innovative science to create a more personalised, precise and accessible healthcare experience. 
  • Engaging with the entire healthcare ecosystem and unlocking visionary partnerships that drive positive change and outcomes. 
  • Creating industry-leading growth across our therapy areas and regions. 
  • Continuing to implement our Operations 2025 programme.

People and Sustainability

  • Continuing to make AstraZeneca a great place to work. 
  • Making it easier to work across our Group to deliver sustainable growth. 
  • Ensuring we operate in the smartest way, increasing the speed of delivery of medicines to patients through our Future of Work initiative. 
  • Harnessing the power of Science and Innovation in ways that positively impact patients, healthcare systems, and the environment. 
  • Progressing our Sustainability strategy across three integrated priority pillars: access to healthcare, environmental protection, and ethics and transparency.



Our organisation and main disease areas

Our business is organised to deliver our growth through innovation strategy and achieve our purpose of pushing the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.

Our R&D and Commercial functions promote accelerated decision making and the launches of new medicines across our therapy areas.


We are leading a revolution in oncology to redefine cancer care. Our ambition is to follow the science to discover, develop and deliver life-changing treatments that transform outcomes and increase the potential for cure.


We are transforming care for billions of people living with chronic diseases and delivering long-lasting immunity. Our ambition is to intervene earlier to protect vital organs, slow or reverse disease progression, and achieve remission for these often degenerative, debilitating, and life-threatening conditions, so many more people can live better, healthier lives.

Rare Disease

Our mission is to transform the lives of people affected by rare diseases through the development and delivery of innovative medicines as well as supportive technologies and healthcare services.

Our Purpose and Values

Inspired by our Values and what science can do, we are focused on accelerating the delivery of life-changing medicines that create enduring value for patients, society and our shareholders.

We are committed to operating sustainably, in a way that recognises the interconnection between business growth, the needs of society and the limitations of our planet.

We push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.

Our Purpose underpins everything we do. It gives us a reason to come to work every day. It reminds us why we exist as a company. It helps us deliver benefits to patients and create value for shareholders.

We follow the science. We put patients first. We play to win. We do the right thing. We are entrepreneurial.

Our Values determine how we work together and the behaviours that drive our success. They guide our decision making and define our beliefs.

Our people

We are dedicated to being a great place to work. One where everyone who chooses to work at our company is able to make a difference to patients, a meaningful contribution to society and a positive impact on our planet.

We foster an environment where our people feel they belong and are empowered to reach their full potential, perform at their best and make a valued contribution to the enterprise.


Our commitment to patients

Our vision for patients is to deliver the healthcare experience and outcomes that people care about most so they can enjoy fulfilling lives.

Everything we do is aimed at enhancing the lives of people with disease and illness. Decisions we make across the patient experience are informed by what people tell us matters most to them.

Our commitment to sustainability

We know that our future depends on taking bold action for the health of people, society, and the planet. At AstraZeneca, sustainability is part of our DNA, embedded in everything we do, from the lab to the patient.

Working in partnership with all our stakeholders, we are harnessing the power of science and innovation to deliver life-changing medicines in a way that is respectful of our planet.

Our sustainability strategy is guided by three interconnected strategic priorities.

Access to healthcare

We are working towards a future where everyone has access to sustainable healthcare solutions for life-changing treatment and prevention.

Environmental protection

We are putting sustainable practices at the heart of how we work, making sure we manage our environmental impact across all our activities and products.

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